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Formerly Izgara Restaurant of Finchley is now called Ishtah Restaurant of Finchley, we hope you like the new look of our restaurant and our new exciting MENU. You will find the same quality of service from our staff and chefs, call us for your next booking on 020 8371 8282.


What makes a good kitchen? At Ishtah Restaurant we believe

three things make a magical Kitchen .....

THE chefs

All our chefs come with years of experience, through years of working at Turkish restaurants both in London and Istanbul. We have brought to you the talent and experience which makes our food taste heavenly. It is the chefs which make the magic happen, on a any given day or night you will see our chefs in the open kitchen turning raw indigents in to the signature mouthwatering dishes which you will find on our Menus.


Turkish cuisine (Türk mutfağı) is largely the continuation of Ottoman cuisine, which in turn borrowed many elements from Greek,Central Asian, Caucasian,  Jewish cuisine, Middle Eastern, and Balkan cuisines. As such we need varied and vast ingredients to make the amazing food available on our menus, we source the freshest and most excellent ingredients available in London.

the Facility

We opened our doors in January 2016  after a complete refurb to our Restaurant. A huge part of this change is our new open front  kitchen where we use real charcoal to cook our dishes to perfection, which can be seen by our diners: We don't believe in hiding behind closed doors! Our philosophy is to be transparent and undisguised. 

It is the combination of the three areas above which makes a great kitchen and restaurant, only with all three in sync can we offer what we believe to be the best Turkish restaurant in Finchley.